Leave one, take one: the book exchange

Leave one, take one: the book exchange

During my travelling days  in many hostels have I come across one nice idea: the book exchange, or book swap shelf. The rule is simple and permissive – you leave one, you take one. No matter which type it is, or what language. The advantage is that if you travel for a long time, you

Trends in tourism 2013: War Travelling?

The fresh new year had started, the threat of the end of the world has passed peacefully, so now we have to start thinking of the important thing to plan: where are we going to go this year? Usually, the Japanese are well known as being the avid tourists of the planet. Who is not

The Metro System in Bucharest

Our travellers ask us frequently for metro maps. We keep telling them, it’s easy to find your way around the metro here, even without a map. The main lines are just 2, and the citizens of the city don’t even know their names or colours, because changing lines and getting to where you need to

How to travel from Bucharest to Sofia

Thinking of Bucharest as a centre, as a starting point for different travel routes, there are many destinations you can think of. Most of the backpackers go mainly to several locations: Brasov, Budapest, Chisinau, or Sofia. This post is dedicated to Sofia, because, especially lately, many of our travellers go there and they need accurate


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