Itinerary proposition 2: 6 days in Bucharest

Itinerary proposition 2: 6 days in Bucharest

The second itinerary proposition is about Bucharest. No. 2: Bucharest, the city and surroundings. Time: 6 days ( the 7th and 8th optional); cost breakdown: see footer of article.

The uncommon history of the Bucharest “Delta”, and the former monastery of Vacaresti

The Vacaresti lake is a man-made lake, within the city of Bucharest, close to the east periphery. It was supposed to be a part of the hydrological protection system, in case of flood: it was meant to hold the water of the Dambovita river in case the latter swelled and overflowed. The works for this

Itinerary proposition 1: 6 days, Romania

Summer is coming, so we have some itinerary propositions for you for visiting Romania. They will be published one by one so don’t expect to find them all here right now. We will start with the most popular and finish with the most unlikely of the routes. There will be routes for history lovers, water

Bucharest in pictures

As a picture says more than a thousand words, flash-visit Bucharest by taking a look at these pictures and write us an e-mail if you are interested to know more about them. Or about Bucharest. Or Romania.


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