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The challenge of the century: in 1910, four Romanian students travel around the world

They were only 19 years old at the time of the beginning of the trip. And they did it dressed in traditional Romanian peasant costumes, and they supported themselves with money earned from playing traditional songs wherever they arrived to.


A perfect getaway place in Snagov

For a quick getaway from the city, to recover, revive and relax, we recommend Casa Radu, in Snagov. It is new, well taken care of, small and intimate; they have a beautiful swimming pool and many various flowers, trees and bushes: the garden is luxurious, like the most part of the environment there in Snagov.

You have probably heard of Snagov; it is a touristic attraction because of the Snagov Monastery, the small monastery on the island on the lake, where the remains of Vlad Tepes the Impaler , a.k.a. Dracula, lie.


The salt mines of Romania

Salt has been known to be a commodity that people used to kill for, in olden times. In certain countries and at certain times, only rich people would have salt in their houses as it used to be very expensive and brought from far away. During the time of the Roman Empire, the salary of the soldiers was paid in salt ( hence, the word “salary”). Salt is a conservant, it is necessary for the body as it keeps the water

ciorba de burta

The famous Romanian tripe soup recipe – in English!

When it comes to Romanian traditional foods, 2 courses are most popular among both Romanians and foreigners: the “sarmale with mamaliga” and the “ciorba de burta” ( tripe soup). And although the tripe soup is considered by many to be the tastiest of the Romanian soups, the travellers don’t really want to try it because of what is inside – of course, if they just try it without knowing what it is, the absolutely love it! Here is a recipe on how to cook it. You may try it at home or not but at least from today on, you will know


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