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The Danube Delta – curiosities

The Danube is the biggest river in Europe, and its Delta is not only a UNESCO protected heritage sites of the world, but also, it’s a very interesting place to see, and it has many curiosities. You can find over 5.000 species of plants and animals in the Danube Delta, and this makes it the 3rd area in the world as far as biodiversity is concerned, after the Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador. It is the only delta in the world declared a biosphere reservation,


A one of a kind cemetery : Sapanta, Romania

In Maramures, northern Romania, in a village called Sapanta, there is a famous cemetery. It is famous because it’s creator thought to have a laugh at death. All the epitaphs, starting with the one of it’s creator, treat life and death in a funny way, and they don’t take it seriously at all. ¬†What’s written on the tombs gives you the eerie impression that the dead talk to you, from beyond, and let you know it’s not that bad, and that what happened to them is mainly laughable.


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