Address: Str. Biserica Amzei no. 22, sector 3, Bucharest

Tel: (0040) 21 314 5323 ; cell: (0040)727 596 084


Directions: from train station
From the train station (7-12 minutes):

BUS: 79, 86 (on the left side of the train station) or 133 (across the street from the train statation), get off at ‘Piata Romana’ stop. Keep walking forwards, at the first small crossing you come across, turn right, on the ‘Mendeleev’ street, then at the first crossing turn right again on ‘Biserica Amzei’ street and go to number 22 (past Tonka bar, across the guard booth, which is in front of the French Embassy).

METRO: from the ‘Gara de nord’ station one stop, to ‘Piata Victoriei’, change to the other line and go for one stop again, to ‘Piata Romana’. From there, walk to the crossing, 1) cross the street on the opposite side ( left), 2) turn left at the next small crossing, 3) turn right at the next one, pass Tonka and get to the guard booth across the street from the hostel.

TAXI: a taxi ride to here is less than 10 lei.

Directions: from airport
From the airport ( ~40 minutes) :

Otopeni: express bus 783, which you catch in front of the airport and get off at ‘Piata Romana’ stop. The bus runs non-stop, day and night and on the week-edns too. Keep walking forwards, turn right at the next small crossing and walk straight until you pass Tonka bar and then find the guard booth, we are across the street.

Bus and taxi info
The 783 express bus runs non-stop; you have to get the ticket from the booth, NOT on the bus.

The other city buses run from 5:00 until 23:00.

If you prefer to take a taxi – taxis are 1.40 lei/km, anything else is a rip off. The price is around 40 lei from the airport. You can get reliable taxies not in front of the airport but out in the parking lot, or out closer to the main street. You will have to go outside, on the main street and get a taxi there.
If you have a cell phone you can call : Meridian taxi – 0040 21 9444 ; Taxi 2000 – 0040 21 9494 ; Confort taxi – 0040 21 9421 ( The Romania code is 0040, I quoted the numbers as if you called from a foreign country cell phone).

LANDMARKS : the French Embassy, the Tonka bar. “Hairmony” salon shop on our ground floor.

N.B. For successfully reaching our location and to avoid getting lost and upset, please:
1. have the map with you (the map below);
2. have the exact address with you;
3. use the landmarks if you want to ask for directions (the Tonka bar and the French Embassy).

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