How to travel from Bucharest to Sofia


Thinking of Bucharest as a centre, as a starting point for different travel routes, there are many destinations you can think of. Most of the backpackers go mainly to several locations: Brasov, Budapest, Chisinau, or Sofia. This post is dedicated to Sofia, because, especially lately, many of our travellers go there and they need accurate information about how to travel from Bucharest to Sofia.
There are many sources, printed or online, where you can check and find possible routes. Not all are reliable, not because they are not serious, but because they aren’t updated in due time. if you think of The Lonely Planet, a traveller’s preferred guidebook, they are really reliable and well informed, but as it happens with everything that’s printed, you can’t just use that info without checking it. Imagine the Romania issue you have was printed in 2008 and you want to use it now, in 2013. Do you think nothing changed here in 4 years? Think again…
So, to come back to our sheep: There are several ways of getting to Sofia.

Trains: the trains schedule changes from summer to winter, but there are basically 2 trains a day that you can take – one around noon and the other in the evening/at night. For example, the winter trains this year leave at 12:30 and at 23:12 everyday. They cost 140 lei ( approx 30 euros) per person, one way. It’s not a direct train either. You will go from Bucharest to Ruse, the border town in Bulgaria, where you have to wait for a few hours and change to a train that will take you to Sofia. In all, this trip takes around 9:30 hours.( train station phone number here)

Buses: the bus companies that were going to Bulgaria were discontinued last year, most of them. In summer, there are company buses and private people who do the Bucharest – Sofia route, but not in winter.
Right now, there is only one regular bus that goes to Sofia. It leaves at 16:00 everyday from Autogara Filaret ( find phone number and address on our Travel Links page) and it gets there at 23:30, it costs 108 lei ( 23 euros) for one way (these prices may also change a little during the year).

Rent-a-car: To rent a car we can find you prices as low as 20 euros/day, but you have to know that one day is not enough to go to Sofia and come back. Especially in winter, it takes about 6-7 hours by car to there, so you will need 2 days to go there and see the sights.

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