Itinerary proposition 2: 6 days in Bucharest

Itinerary proposition 2: 6 days in Bucharest

The second itinerary proposition is about Bucharest.

No. 2: Bucharest, the city and surroundings.

Time: 6 days ( the 7th and 8th optional); cost breakdown: see footer of article.


Day 1: For an overview and a general impression, you can get the City Bus, the double decker that goes around the city on a route around the main attractions of the city. The ticket is 25 lei and they have a guide on the bus who will tell you about everything that you see. The ride is about 50 minutes. After that, it would be a good idea to go see the Palace of the Parliament, the second largest building in the world. The tour takes 45 minutes and it’s half the price for students. They have English language tours and French tours. In the evening, you can take the Free Guided Walking tour, the meeting point is at the clock in the Unirii Square, at 18:00 everyday (see their website). It takes around 2 hours. Afterwards, you can have supper in the “Caru cu Bere” restaurant. The restaurant is a must see for a traveler: the building is very old, the wooden works inside are amazing, the walls are beautifully painted and the stained glass inside the place resemble those of old churches. Prices are affordable, service is very good, and the menu is varied.

Day 2: In the morning you can go see the Mogosoaia Palace. It is located outside Bucharest, so you will have to take bus no. 509 from the train station. On your way back, you can stop in the Herastrau park. This park is the biggest in the city, so there are lots of things you can do there, that can fill a whole day: see the Arc of Triumph, visit the Village Museum, take a boat tour on the lake, see the flower exhibition and the Japanese Garden, ride a bike for free (for 2 hours, in the park only, with your passport) and relax in the famous Hard Rock cafe (if you miss it).

Day 3: The 3rd day is reserved for the museums: the list is very long, we only mention the most visited: The Peasant Museum, The Geology Museum, The National History Museum, The Contemporary Art Museum, The Modern Art Museum, The Curtea Veche Museum (in the historical center, the ruins of the palace of Dracula). These ones are all in, or around the historical center, so they are walking distance from one another. To top that, you can pay a visit to the Observatory, (only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, after sunset), so you can see the moon, Venus or Mars or if you are lucky, Jupiter and Saturn. And many stars.

2013_01_30_img_2960aaaahdr-copy_rsz_crp_crp_crpDay 4: The south of Bucharest is also interesting. Go see the Tineretului parc and the Bellu Cemetery (it’s the counterpart of the “Pere Lachaise” cemetery in Paris; here rest many of our artists, writers and political personalities; some of the monuments are real works of art, and they give you the feeling of Lord of the Rings ). A public swimming pool is located in the South-East corner of the park. There are several swimming pools there, of different sizes. Right next to the Tineretului park, there is the Carol park, where you can see the Monument of the Heroes , and a copy of Vlad Tepes’ Poenari castle, built in the park. The Arenele Romane are also there, (the Roman Arenas) and this is where, in summer, there will always be concerts, festivals or exhibitions.

Day 5: If you are interested in flee markets, you can do that too; but only on Sundays and only until 12:00. The market starts at 5-6 in Piata_Obor_6the morning and usually people go home after 12:00. It is held in the South-East part of the city. You can get there by taking bus 123 form the unirii Square and getting off at the end of the line. The market is right across the street from the Bucharest “Delta”. Not many people get to see it, and even not many locals know about it very much. More info here. After that, on the way back to the hostel you can pay a visit to the Obor market, where you will find ANYTHING that you may need, from food, fruits and vegetable bought right from peasants, to thrifts, odds and ends of any type. It is fairly easy to get there, just get off at the metro stop “Obor”. If you are not tired, you can just get the metro and get off at any stop in the living quarters, if you want to see the communist look of Bucharest. Pantelimon, Dristor, are good places to go; Rahova and Ferentari are mainly inhabited by gypsies.

Day 6: In summer, Snagov is a good place to see. It is outside Bucharest, so it is a bit of a trip; but you get to see the monastery on the island where Dracula’s head is supposed to be buried; the other shore of the lake is a resort: you can bathe in the lake, suntan, and play games.

Day 7: (Optional) For those interested in the spiritual dimension of the Romanians, you can visit the monasteries around Bucharest : Pasarea, Cernica, Draganescu. Draganescu especially has a beautiful church, painted in an original way that you have definitely never seen before. Read here about it.

Apart from these tourist attractions, there will be a lot of concerts, festivals and markets in Bucharest this summer, from the classic “B’est fest” to flower markets and other events. They will be listed on our “Events” page.

Extra day ( 8th day) – you can go visit the Brasov area for the day, by taking one tour we advertise: “Two castles in one day”. The tour leaves at 8:00 from bucharest and takes you to the Peles Castle, Sinaia Monastery, Bran castle and the historical center of Brasov, and it comes back at 20:00. It costs 69 euros/person and you can book it at the reception.

This is just an itinerary proposition. Everybody will visit what they are interested in and make up their own itinerary. We are available with information about more or less knows spots in the city, tours, events, festivals and more.


Cost breakdown:

The Midland Hostel 6 nights = 270 – 210 lei
Tourist City bus = 25
Snagov trip= 40
Food – breakfast is included so other meals = 240 lei ( 40 lei/day; reference: one bread=1 leu, a carton of milk=6 lei; 1kg rice= 6 lei; 1 kg potatoes= 3 lei)
Museum tickets= 80 lei

Transportation in the city : 60 lei (10 lei/day) Check this page for more info.

TOTAL = 750 lei = 170 euro; going out to bars is not included in this total.