The Bucegi Sphynx

Romanian Orthodox Church. © Sorin Onisor

The Harvesting of the Wheat, Transylvania

The mountains of a land of the fairies. Bucovina. © Sorin Onisor

Fortified church at Biertan. © Sorin Onisor


How to travel from Bucharest to Istanbul

Another route preferred by travellers is Bucharest to Istanbul. Things have changed a little in this respect and nowadays there is a direct train to there and also buses. There is a catch though if you plan to take the train. The info below is updated today, the 18th of April 2013.

Train: there is one train a day, it leaves at 12:30 and it gets to Istanbul


The Turda salt mine: the UFO

Turda is a place close to Cluj Napoca, a city in the north-east of Romania. There is a saltmine there, a very old one, started by the Romans. Salt was a luxury commodity back then, and it was then, as it is now, essential for the health and well-being of the people, for conserving food, etc. Since the 13th century until 1932 the mine was in activity. Between 1932 and 1992 it was closed, and when it was reopened, it was for the tourists and for people with medical problems: the air in the salt mines is recognized as being the best remedy for those with respiratory problems. In 2010 it was re-opened, after an extensive modernization

castelul huniazilor

The castle of the Corvins, the citadel of forgotten legends

In the heart of  Hunedoara, an area full of mystery and legends, there is a castle less visited by travelers but much more worth seeing, some say, than the others that everybody goes see. Close to the ruins of the ancient capital of Dacia Felix, Sarmizegetusa, close to one of the oldest Christian churches in Europe (Densus) , turned into a church from a Roman temple, close to the Monastery of  Prislop, there lies the Castle of the Corvins, the citadel of forgotten legends.

ochil boului

The Danube Delta – curiosities

The Danube is the biggest river in Europe, and its Delta is not only a UNESCO protected heritage sites of the world, but also, it’s a very interesting place to see, and it has many curiosities. You can find over 5.000 species of plants and animals in the Danube Delta, and this makes it the 3rd area in the world as far as biodiversity is concerned, after the Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador. It is the only delta in the world declared a biosphere reservation,


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