Trends in tourism 2013: War Travelling?

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The fresh new year had started, the threat of the end of the world has passed peacefully, so now we have to start thinking of the important thing to plan: where are we going to go this year? Usually, the Japanese are well known as being the avid tourists of the planet. Who is not familiar with the sight of a group of Japanese, interested in everything and taking pictures of anything around them, when travelling? So, if we should take after them and follow their lead in this department, we will certainly spend our vacation among street fights and gun shots, in Syria.

At least this is how Toshimi Fujimoto spends his vacation, these days. He is a truck driver and apparently, being sick and tired of the old job routine, he is seeking thrills and adrenaline. In an interview given to France Press, he is telling us how he crossed illegally the border between Turkey and Syria, and he went straight for the hottest of the areas.I don’t know if you get this: while most of us would prefer to take the double decker to go around Bucharest, Mr Fujimoto prefers to take the tank and go around Aleppo. Some vacation!

He is not at his first try, as he already has experience with these types of areas. His latest vacations were spent in Egypt and Yemen and he’s planning on going to Afghanistan next. If he survives!

If you think better of it, the war tourism, as wacko and insane an idea as it may seem, you have to think big to appreciate the effects: what if we all went to Syria to spend our vacation? I bet that the fighting there would stop. So, if done by one person, it is war travelling, done by several thousand people, it will probably turn into PEACE travelling. An idea only worth put into practice if we all did it, not just a handful. Just like Gandhi showed us so eloquently.


Source: Academia Catavencu


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