A one of a kind cemetery : Sapanta, Romania

A one of a kind cemetery : Sapanta, Romania

In Maramures, northern Romania, in a village called Sapanta, there is a famous cemetery. It is famous because it’s creator thought to have a laugh at death. All the epitaphs, starting with the one of it’s creator, treat life and death in a funny way, and they don’t take it seriously at all.  What’s written on the tombs gives you the eerie impression that the dead talk to you, from beyond, and let you know it’s not that bad, and that what happened to them is mainly laughable.

Stan Ioan Pătraş was a local artist who sculpted the first tombstone crosses. In 1935, Pătraş carved the first epitaph and, as of 1960s, more than 800 of such oak wood crosses came into sight. The inscription on his tombstone cross says:

Since I was a little boy
I was known as Stan Ioan Pătraş
Listen to me, fellows
There are no lies in what I am going to say

All along my life
I meant no harm to anyone
But did good as much as I could
To anyone who asked

Oh, my poor World
Because It was hard living in it.

Funny epitaph:
…Now I will tell you a good one
I kind of liked the plum tzuica
With my friends at the pub
I used to forget what I came for.


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merry_Cemetery


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