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The salt mines of Romania

Salt has been known to be a commodity that people used to kill for, in olden times. In certain countries and at certain times, only rich people would have salt in their houses as it used to be very expensive and brought from far away. During the time of the Roman Empire, the salary of

The Sistine Chapel of the Romanians: the Draganescu Church

The Draganescu Church is said to be Romania’s Sistine Chapel. Just like Michelangelo, our Father Arsenie Boca painted each and every part of this church in a new and surprising way, old traditional figures painted in a surrealist style. The Draganescu church is a small village church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, and its walls are

The Turda salt mine: the UFO

Turda is a place close to Cluj Napoca, a city in the north-east of Romania. There is a saltmine there, a very old one, started by the Romans. Salt was a luxury commodity back then, and it was then, as it is now, essential for the health and well-being of the people, for conserving food,

The castle of the Corvins, the citadel of forgotten legends

In the heart of  Hunedoara, an area full of mystery and legends, there is a castle less visited by travelers but much more worth seeing, some say, than the others that everybody goes see. Close to the ruins of the ancient capital of Dacia Felix, Sarmizegetusa, close to one of the oldest Christian churches in


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