How to spend one day in Bucharest with no money

How to spend one day in Bucharest with no money

Yes, it is possible to spend one day (or several) in Bucharest with no money. But don’t get excited, although there are places where you can eat for extremely cheap, I do not believe you will find food for free in this capital. But other than that, here are some things that people don’t usually know about what you can do and what you can see for free here.

Girls-on-bikes-by-Guy-Aroch-for-Free-People-91. Ride a bike for free in the parks. All the big parks in Bucharest have a program going on where you can rent a bike (and leave your passport with them) for 2 hours and only in that certain park. Some of the parks where they do that are fairly big so you can do lots of things in 2 hours: the Herastrau Park, the Tineretului Park, the Cismigiu Park ( this one is pretty small but very beautiful), etc.

2. On certain days, the entrance is free for a few museums ; (the same with a few exhibitions). This is a list of these museums:

   – ” The Museum of the National Theatre I.L.Caragiale” ( at the University): entrance is free Mon to Fri, 9:30 to 14:30;

   –  “The National History Museum”: entrance is free the 26th of each month; if the day happens to be a day when the museum is closed to the wide public, then the free entrance day will happen the next day.

   –  “The Old Court Museum” (in the historical center), the ruins of the royal court of Dracula: the first Saturday of each month, entrance is free;

   –   “The Museum of the Peasant”: entrance is free every 26th of the month;muzeul-taranului-roman

   –  “The Museum of the Art Collections”(Calea Victoriei nr. 111): entrance is free every first Wednesday of the month;

   – ” The National Art Museum – the Royal Palace”: entrance is free the first Wednesday of each month;

   –  “The George Enescu Museum – The Cantacuzino Palace”: every 26th of the month;

   – ”  The Admiral Urseanu Astronomical Observatory”: entrance is free every Saturday of each month.

filme3. Open air cinema with free entrance – or rather free viewing.

– in the Herestrau Park, every weekend, until the 14th of September, at 19:30;

–  in the Tineretului Park, starting with the 23rd of July;

– in the IOR Park, they start on the 21st of August.

The movies have no definite schedule, you watch what you get, and they are new and old, and all productions ( including a few Romanian ones).

4. Drink water from the water fountains on the street. If you are lucky enough to notice these fountains on the street, yes, they are safe to drink from! And they also are vintage so enjoy the water and the view!canicula-bea-apa-tasnitoare

5. Makeup and perfume for free. I am sure you are familiar with the big chain shops where you get to test products for free: perfumes, make-up, lotions. Enjoy them in Douglas, Sephora or The Body Shop.

6. Free outdoors classical music concerts. For the summer period, every week-end      (Fri-Sat-Sun) there are classical ( or thematic) music concerts in the small park across the street from the University, the the evening.


Article source: Metropotam


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