The salt mines of Romania

The salt mines of Romania

Salt has been known to be a commodity that people used to kill for, in olden times. In certain countries and at certain times, only rich people would have salt in their houses as it used to be very expensive and brought from far away. During the time of the Roman Empire, the salary of the soldiers was paid in salt ( hence, the word “salary”). Salt is a conservant, it is necessary for the body as it keeps the water inside it and natural salt has in it over 100 other minerals, vital for the functioning of the human body, and which are better assimilated in their natural form ( in salt) than if you swallow thousands of supplement pills. Salt does wonders for the skin, cleaning it of any rash or infection, and curing the wounds faster. Also for the joints, as it can treat rheumatism. To say nothing of the salty air, which treats the asthma and other lung diseases.

We have many salt mines in Romania. Some of them are still active, some are closed for mining but used as treatment centers and as museums.

See here the list:

aeb7653358bf7de12a905ca156c14d3d1. Slanic Prahova:  it is located 44 km away from Pitesti. It is the biggest salt mine in Europe, and it is being visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is formed by 14 rooms, with a total surface of 90.000 sqm. The height of the walls inside reach 60 meters. The sanatorium inside has a capacity of 50 beds and a wide variety of medical services is being offered there. Enjoy the salt sculptures of Decebal of Mihai Eminescu, the famous Romanian poet.


Entrance fee: Adults – 16 lei/ pers/ zi, students – 8 lei

Schedule: Mon – closed; Tue-Sun – 9.00-16.00

Temperature: 12 degrees Celsius all year long, regardless of season.


2. Targu Ocna: situated in the heart of Moldova, close to the city of Targu Ocna, on the Trotus river, it is a real salt cathedral. It is ba74c3fbe80895526ed1655d4301cc66240 meters deep and it has soccer fields, basketball courts and table tennis, a church and a Salt museum.


Entrance fee: Adults – 18 lei; Children between 2-14 ani – 9 lei

Schedule : Mon – Sun , 7.00-17.00     

Temperature: 12-13 degrees Celsius


cd4c7e307f2b496bdea1439ad5da418f3. Ocnele Mari: it is located 7 km away from Ramnicu Valcea, it is 20.000 sqm and 13.000 meters long. One can play soccer, volleyball, billiards, chess, backgammon, and they also have a salt museum, a church and a restaurant inside.



Entrance fee: Adults – 14 lei; students – 7 lei

Schedule: Mon – Sun, 10.00-18.00     

Temperature: 13-15 degrees Celsius


4. Cacica : it is located 20 km away from Gura Humorului and 40 km away from Suceava and the exceptional thing about it is that it 36e347ef95de13821bc619c918bb0dd0has been dug only by hand, and no machinery was used here. It has 8200 galleries reinforced by wood which is still solid after 220 years of use. The church here, Saint Varvara, is dedicated to the patron saint of miners. This is where they came down to pray every morning before starting to work. There also is there a festivity hall and 250 meters away form the salt mine there is a swimming pool with salt water, heated up to 35 degrees, which is useful in treating several diseases.


Phone Cacica salt mine: 0230237084, 0230237087, 0230237293

Schedule :Mon – Sun, 9-17

Entrance fee: Adults – 10 lei

Temperature: 10-12 degrees Celsius


2d83014b2f1276ed500880dcdfba51215. Praid: it is located 10 km away from the Sovata resort, in Harghita. It is a real underground town, 120 meters deep. They have a library, a restaurant, you can play billiards and there is a special area for children to play.



Schedule:Mon- Sun, 8.00-17.00

Entrance fee: Adulti – 20 lei; students – 12 lei

Temperature: 16 degrees Celsius

6. Turda: it is the most famous salt mine in Romania, and since many millions of euros have been invested in it, it is now one of the most important touristic sites. We have written a special article dedicated to this salt mine : see here: Turda, the UFO salt mine.


Source: Metropotam


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