The Turda salt mine: the UFO

The Turda salt mine: the UFO

Turda is a place close to Cluj Napoca, a city in the north-east of Romania. There is a saltmine there, a very old one, started by the Romans. Salt was a luxury commodity back then, and it was then, as it is now, essential for the health and well-being of the people, for conserving food, etc. Since the 13th century until 1932 the mine was in activity. Between 1932 and 1992 it was closed, and when it was reopened, it was for the tourists and for people with medical problems: the air in the salt mines is recognized as being the best remedy for those with respiratory problems. In 2010 it was re-opened, after an extensive modernization – it cost around 5.800.000 Euro and it took 2 years to complete. “It is the most ecologic salt mine in Romania, there is no pollution source around it and its shape above ground is unique in Europe” says architect Ioana Olivia Danciu, professor at “Ion Mincu” Architecture Faculty in Bucharest, the one responsible for the rehabilitation project.

Nowadays, there are several parts of the mine, arranged with different purposes in mind: there is an 80-seat amphitheatre for concerts and musical auditions, a golf course, an underground lake with boats for hire, a treatment base and a medical office, a church, a sports field (bowling, soccer, table tennis).
From the outside, the salt mine at Turda look like a UFO; on the inside, it looks again like a UFO. It is an eeire place not only different from everything you have seen before, but also good for your health. The air is perfect for the lungs and there are treatments done here for a array of affections from lungs to ears, throat and detox for the people who work in toxic environments ( including those who smoke).

Here is the text source of the article plus a video of the mine: Adevarul

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