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Ready for your big trip to Bucharest, but not sure how to get around? Check out the guide below to learn helpful tips on local bus, metro, and train travel.

Bucharest Transportation


Tickets: one 2-trip metro card is 5 lei ( 2.5 Lei/trip). One 10-trip metro card is 20 lei (2 Lei/trip).

City Bus

A reusable city bus card can be purchased from kiosks for 5 Lei. After buying one, trips can be bought at a reduced fare of 1.30 Lei per trip. 

Without the card, the price of a ticket is 9 Lei for 2 trips. 

In order to get to the airport, guests must take Express Bus number 783. The price is the same as a city ticket – 9 Lei for 2 trips. A one way trip may be purchased with the refillable city bus card for 3.5 Lei. 

Day pass for metro+bus= 16 Lei


The only train station in Bucharest is Gara de Nord. It offers high speed trains, regional trains, and discount trains. The following links provide schedules for both national and international trains running through Bucharest. 

Romanian Train Schedule
International Train Schedule

National and International Buses

Bucharest has several bus stations which offer both national and international routes. The link below provides the schedules for buses entering and leaving Romania. 

National Bus Schedule

Autogara Filaret: Piata Garii Filaret no. 1

Autogara Filaret is the main station which offers the widest variety of buses to and from Bucharest. Buses tickets can be purchased to Bulgaria, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. 

Autogara Militari: Str. Valea Cascadelor no. 1

Autogara Militari is the second main station which offers connections to Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia. Tickets can be purchased from the station, or online through Flixbus. 

Flixbus Travel Link


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